Papa Giki products are functional foods developed for your good health. What may appear to be a decadently unhealthy product is made with only the best and most healthful ingredients. There are no unhealthy saturated fats, no trans fat, no partially hydrogenated fat and less sugar.

Here we have brought together information gleaned from a number of sources on topics we believe our cookies influence positively.

Check out the articles and papers listed on the left. Papa Giki Heart Healthy Cookies are good - and good for you in all of the ways listed in the collected articles.

Nutritional Facts

Essential Fatty Acids
We might hate to admit it, but fat is essential to our body's basic operation. Our brain cells are mostly Omega 3 fatty acids (now you understand why they call fish the brain food) and all cell membranes in the body require essential fatty acids (EFA).

The Lyons Study
The Lyons Study offers some clues...

The Power of Grains

Research continues to identify various substances in flaxseeds that appear to act as protectors against chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease and cancer...

Soy Reduces Heart Disease Risk...
Asians have a lower risk of developing breast and prostate cancer when compared to Westerners. Read about the role of Soy in this exciting finding.

More on Flaxseed
Sometimes stories are written so perfectly well, they should not be edited in any way. This link will take you to one of those stories about flaxseed found in the Wellness Letter from the University of California at Berkley.
The author is unbiased and explains the benefits of flax - as well as opposing views.

Fiber in Our Foods

Reducing Cholesterol
Soluble fiber -- plentiful in oat bran, fruit, and flaxseed -- is an easy LDL reducer to swallow. But what's the mechanism that helps it reduce cholesterol? Read on...

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