Welcome to Papagiki, home of the decadent 100% whole grain cookie!.

A message from Papa!

Our whole grain grab and go meal is a healthy way to start the day. The first ingredient in our flour base is ground organic flax seed plus eight more whole grains, fiber and soy protein. We add a good amount of decadence with semi sweet dark chocolate, toasted almonds, golden raisin and coconut.

Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar (aka cane juice) is our sweetener of choice. Known for its lower glycemic index, it is also the choice sweetener for endurance athletes and diabetics. We avoid high fructose syrups, refined white sugar and concentrated fruit juice.

We take pride in our dairy free ingredient list as well as our down home baking process at a family operated bakery in Tacoma, WA. The end product is high energy, healthy and delicious. Start your day with Papa Giki and a glass of skim milk and your will get:

  • 1000 mg Omega 3
  • 5 grams fiber (25% RDA)
  • 16 grams of protein (8 from the milk)
From My Heart to Your Good Health

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